Period is 45+ days late multiple BFNs


I am currently 46 days late on my period, taken 4 pregnancy tests over the past couple weeks and all of them negative. I get really intense cramps every now and then that make me think my period is going to start but it hasnt (obviously). Before I found out I was pregnant with my last I started wondering if I had PCOS because of heavy, irregular periods and intense cramping, hair growing in wierd places and other “symptoms of PCOS” I even went so far as to have an ultrasound on my ovaries to see if I had cysts but never really got to analyzing the results because I found out I was pregnant shortly thereafter. My question is, should I try to get examined and see what’s going on with me (if I do have PCOS because I know is hard to get pregnant when you have it and we only tried for 3 cycles before I got pregnant) or is 45+ days late on a period relatively normal?