Desperately need advice

So been dating my boyfriend since February and for the most part he is a genuinely sweet guy but there are a few things that have been bothering that I desperately need some advice on.

1) So when we spend time together usually everything is fine. However, when he texts me I end up feeling extremely anxious. He likes to send really long and super excited texts which I thought was cute at first but now I feel anxious because I don’t know how to respond. It is pretty overwhelming for especially since I’m pretty introverted and reading the long texts and compliments while nice at first are now nerve wracking. Usually the message is the same but I almost feel pressured to respond and when I do I feel like my responses are mostly made just to make him happy which leads to even more texts from him that I feel I have to respond to.

2) When we do spend time together usually everything is great but then he would make requests like if he could just stare into my eyes for a few minutes or if he could complement me for a while. At first this was really flattering since I’m not use to it and I thought he would calm down after a while. Now though he does this pretty frequently and it honestly just makes me nervous. A lot of the times I just agree but I do find it pretty stressful.

3) Whenever I do manage to complement him in return his voice gets really high pitched and he will cover his face which was really cute at first. Now though whenever this happens (it now even happens when he complements me) I tend to feel pretty panicky because it seems like his reactions shouldn’t be this extreme.