Thursday 28th February I went into hospital at 10pm to have a Foley Balloon induction

Thursday 28th February I went into hospital at 10pm to have a Foley Balloon induction.
11pm - Foley Balloon inserted. That night was ridiculously uncomfortable and I ended up having a Morphine injection to ease the pain.
Friday 1st March, I spent the whole day in hospital taking trips to the cafe and sleeping. 
10pm - Foley Balloon removed. 
11pm - Waters Manually Broken.
11:30pm - Cannula inserted with Hormone drip.
12:00am - Labour starts.
Labour quickly became extremely intense with contractions coming on every 5 minutes. The pain was mostly in my lower back and upper bum. 
1:30am - I asked for the Gas and Air. This quickly made me feel ridiculously sick because I had my breathing under control. 
2:45am - I attempted to have the Morphine injection as it had worked the previous night. IT DIDNT WORK!!!!
4:00am - Spinal Blocker and then Epidural was administered. The Epidural was amazing! I quickly fell asleep due to being completely exhausted. 
7:00am - I woke up feeling like I needed to push. I had feeling in both of my legs so I was able to move them. I told the midwife how I felt. When she checked at 7:10am, babies head was right there.
7:15am - Started pushing. 
7:23am- I gave birth to my beautiful son Elias Leonard Ross Denby, weighing 5lb 8oz. He was absolutely beautiful and I was completely in love! 
Elias is now almost 2 months old on Saturday. He is the love of my life and has been the making of me. 
This is a photo of when he was born. 💕
This is our beautiful boy now 💕