Baby Doppler

Kaylee • Happily married 💍 First baby🎉. mama to be 👶🏼🥰. Due November 2019 🤰🏼

I made 9 weeks today! I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat on the little hand held Doppler that I bought online. It was so emotional. It just made me remember that all this sickness I have had for weeks is all worth it. It was just the most amazing feeling to hear my little baby in there. Comment below when you first heard your baby’s heartbeat? How did it make you feel? Did you cry or were to excited to cry? This was not the first time I heard it technically the second but at the doctors I could only hear it for like 2 seconds before she was just doing the rest of the measurements she had to do so I didn’t really get the soak it all in if you know what I mean.