What the hell, where is she?


Ok ladies I’m sitting here trying to figure out why I’m 20 days late, I took 4 pregnancy test all negative except one, my symptoms are nauseousness, vomiting and weird cravings where I’m falling in love with coffee and pickles(I would have never have them together like I do now), for my last period my nipples were sore for 3 weeks, I’m really confused I thought to myself it’s that I’m going through menopause but I took bloodwork back in February and I’m way far from that, my husband thinks I’m pregnant! This would be the biggest bday present because I just turned 48 on Wednesday I already have a daughter who is 25, wth that just scared me. My hubby does not have any children of his own and if I am pregnant it would be the greatest on top of it all we’re about to purchase a house, wow what do you ladies think? My temp has been high the entire time.