Miscarriage like Birth?


I hope this post helps someone else and gives them a little insight into what to expect during a miscarriage (medically induced or not)

Why didnt anyone tell me my miscarriage would be like childbirth?

I recently found out I had a missed miscarriage. I was 10 weeks along but the baby died around 8 wk 4d. It took me 2 weeks to make a decision and decided to take the medical route and used misoprostol on the date I should have been 12 weeks. (Because my body still thought it was pregnant, sore boobs, no natural miscarriage in sight)

About 3 hours after taking the medicine I started spotting like the Dr said. He also said I would pass a bunch of clots. Little did I know my water would also break all over my bed and I would "give birth" to my baby and then the placenta a short time later.

I've never had a live birth unfortunately. I'm glad I was able to do this in the comfort of my home and to also gain some closure although the hurt wont ever go away. I feel if I had gone with a D&C, I would have regretted not experiencing what I did.

BUT---WHY WAS I NOT WARNED OR INFORMED?!? A little warning as to what to expect would have been nice. I had no idea my water would break. Or that my baby would be in the pad in my underwear when my water did break. Or that I would give birth to the placenta too. I'm not dumb... but if you tell me bleeding, clots, pain and nausea... that's what I'm clinging to. Sadly most people probably dont feel I actually gave birth, but to me, I feel I did right by my baby and experienced something in life some people never get to experience. That may be the only "birth" I have in this lifetime. I just wish there was some more honesty and information in situations like these. I also had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and that was just like a really long period. So you can imagine what a shock this was.