IBS... let’s talk about it.

For the past two years, my health had been on a slow progression for the worst. I was so concerned about my severe symptoms that I thought I had Crohn’s disease, or even colon cancer. I underwent extensive testing and EVERYTHING came back “normal”..... and I was diagnosed (though there is no actual solid diagnosis for this because there are no clear-cut signs in the body) with IBS.

IBS?? I thought it just meant that some people had extra sensitivity to spicy or junky/oily foods. Apparently, it is much more complex than that. Any food can be triggering, and stress can be your leading cause for a really, really bad flare-up. Apparently, it affects over 30% of us. So why is nobody talking about this!?! From my knowledge, I am the only person that I know personally (besides my doctor) who suffers it. But that can’t be true, right? I can’t be alone in this. I already feel so isolated.

I invite this community to talk about IBS- what do you know about it? Do you know anyone who has it? What are the triggers? Coping mechanisms? Do you have it, and what is your personal experience with this medical condition that doesn’t even have a clear-cut diagnostic method, sufficient research and medical discoveries behind it, let alone a cure!?