Post breakup fwb??


I need some girl feedback please! I really want to keep having sex with my ex bf!! But not sure if I’m subconsciously trying to use sex to keep him in my life. I genuinely LOVE the sex with him though. We started out as fwb for almost a year of knowing each other and were in a relationship for 2 years. Our sex life was transformative. We both learned how to be open and communicate our needs while finding pleasure in making each other feel good. We explored so many fun fantasies together and I don’t want it to stop!

What I’m hoping is that for months/however much time feel is right, we give each other space to re-establish our lives without each other and adjust from the break up... and then we go back to fwb. What are your thoughts on this? Lol is this a bad idea? I just love fucking him 😭😭 qnd I think I can remove my past emotions towards him and be friends