Just need this out in the ether

So my significant others family is very close. My family is more like hey we like each other but we like each other so much more when it’s once every 5 years. I absolutely hate that i don’t feel like i can set boundaries for my first kid with his family. My feelings about kissing on her or people walking away from me when holding her get treated as though I’m being unreasonable. To the point where someone commented “you’re still holding on to that baby” like yes i am. She’s not even 3 months old and I’m kind if her walking food cart i kind of have to be around. And i already let people hold her but guess what she’s my daughter. I don’t need to let anyone hold her i get to decide that. But i have let every person with few exceptions hold her. They just keep holding her and walk away with her and then i offer to take her back and i get “ you know there’s a lot of other people who are willing to take her” or go take a break if you bring me some bottles i can watch her for you. Like when did i say i needed a break? Why do you need bottles? One bottle should hold her for like 3 hours how long are you trying to keep her. I know I’m being overprotective to a point. But we almost lost her. So i feel like i need to watch her. And it’s just frustrating.

That’s all i know it’s rambling and probably silly to most but i needed to get it out.