School after baby??


I need help- I have a great opportunity to apply for paramedic school starting this fall. I have been looking to do this for a while now and then I got pregnant and wasn't sure how to fit it in.

My baby is due in August of this year, the program starts in October, however, it is online from October until December. In class starts in January, which would mean I would leave my baby 3 days a week from about 8am to 6 pm. Plus probably an extra day later in the year to do clincal shifts. This would last from January 2020 to December 2020 and then I would be done and not have to worry about this anymore.

My husband is a firefighter paramedic and his schedule rotates so he would always be home with her 2 days a week and then he would work to get that other day off so he could be home. If not my parents could watch her.

I am just already feeling mom guilt about leaving her that young and missing things, etc.. I feel like that's a long time to leave her but I know she would be fine with my husband... Any advice, encouragement, tips, etc?