39 weeks and still dealing with drama family members and requests?!


This pregnancy has been really hard on me with my 3 year old and i tried my very best not to neglect her so much.. My mum calls and texts me literally every day and refuses to follow what works for us instead! We live only 40 minutes away from family and mil.. they can easily drive to us whenever. Our house is 12 minutes away from the clinic and the hospital which is convenient for us.. Ive prepared all the things for baby #2 at my house, i will even be ordering a meal delivery service that comes daily and deliver food to my house so food is taken care of. I just need help with my 3 year old for when im going in to labor.. my mum whined but i dont know how long you will be in the hospital, well duh who does?! are u in a friggin hurry or something?! She insisted on bringing my daughter to stay at her house instead of waiting at my house.. Hubby is against this, so why cant she just wait at our place? She made excuses like i need to check my email.. I know that if she is at home she literally will plonk my 3 year old in front of the tv with junk food, not bring her out to the park and she will do her own thing.. Another thing she asked was for me to stay with her right after delivery "for at least 3 weeks", i asked what for, so that i can help you out with newborn, cooking, etc.. umm i did that (unwillingly) last time and all she did was play with baby while i ended up doing mine and everyone else's friggin laundry, dishes, wash and sterilize baby bottles (i wanted to nurse but she said jz give baby a bottle, whats the harm?!) i had mastitis on the 7th day and again at 4weeks postpartum, under my mum's care!! She also refused to let my daughter sleep in the cot in the room with me and i would always find her asleep with baby on her chest! she's a heavy sleeper and has heart problem.. not alert.

Im not against family visiting but i prefer to be in my own home this second time round and im done figuring out what works for others just cos theyre too damn lazy to drive out and visit us, if they want to! Now my mum's throwing a fit and saying if you do not stay at my place after you deliver i will not visit you! Do everything yourself.. why am i being threatened at 39 weeks by my passive aggressive mom?! 🤷🙈