Not pregnancy related... But @ work today...


So i work at a thrift store. I work in shoes/boys also in babies and mens apparel as needed.

Right next to my section, is collectables. Which are locked into cases. And the employees in that section are the only ones with keys.

Well today a customer came to find me in shoes to get help with collectables. I told him I didn't have a key but i would grab someone who did. I waddled my 34 +3 pregnant butt to go find and chase down another employee. I found one and sent her in his direction. There was another customer at the counter and she went to help him. I pointed out my customer to her and said he also needs help. She ignored me. The area was getting busy so i told her again that the gentleman in the white baseball cap was waiting first. She looked in his direction and proceeded to ignore him. I went and found another employee, trying to tell myself coworker #1 was just busy with customers. After coworker #2 had helped him, the man came up to me and thanked me for finding him help after the first woman had refused.

He pointed at his skin and said, "i get it, im used to it, but you made me feel like it wasnt an issue." I started to tear up realizing what he was referring to.

I tried to justify to him like i had in my own head. But he said, "really its fine. I just wanted to thank you for the way that you handled it. Regardless of how she acted."

Are we seriously still treating humans like this?! It sickens and saddens me. I went to talk to my supervisor about it but he had already left for the day. You can bet I'll be in his office first thing!!