Pregnant after miscarriages


I’ve recently found out that I’m pregnant again after 3 consecutive losses (1st August 23rd 2017 8 1/2 weeks, 2nd December 6th 2018 6 1/2 weeks, 3rd March 11th 2019 6 weeks). I got pregnant straight after my loss in March. As there was no period between its hard to confirm a due date and how far along I am. Due to my previous losses I am under the early pregnancy but and have scans every two weeks. My first scan was 26th April where they saw the gestational sac but nothing else in it. They said I may have ovulated later due to the miscarriage and that it would not show anything else at this stage. I have another scan on 1st May to check for yolk sac, baby and heart beat. I am so scared and anxious because of my history of losses. I am trying to be hopeful but my heart simply will not let me yet. I feel that I am going to worry throughout the pregnancy even after the “safe” point. I had some spotting of brown blood last week and panicked. I started to cry thinking I was miscarriage again. I went to the dr who checked my belly and cervix. She said everything appeared fine based on her checks but could not promise that I would not experience another loss.