FTM Wondering If This Was BH?


I haven’t had any BH contractions yet so, I’m just curious if that is what I was feeling yesterday.

At my NST/US she was in the position where she’s head down and facing upwards towards my belly button. This obviously had some impact on back pain throughout the day.

Towards the end of the day, my back was in so much pain. All over, mostly my lower back. And her kicks were strong as hell. I went and laid down for a bit and the pain went away.

I got back up to help make dinner and the pain came back even worse. I was having to “breathe through the pain.” I could barely talk, had to sit in a chair to try and help with dinner. It was like a pain radiating from my lower back to my upper back and my stomach. My stomach felt tight like it does if she were to be rolling over but lasted much longer than a simple roll.

My fiancé convinced me to go lay back down and as I was getting ready to stand up, the pain just went away. I was left with a less noticeable pain and then nothing. It didn’t hurt again until I stood up.

The 2nd time feeling pain was the worst, the first and last we’re definitely no where near as bad. I was going to start timing the pain but it didn’t happen again.

Just curious if this sounds similar to BH and if this is the kind of pain I need to be looking for when experiencing contractions?

Also, I’m going out of town overnight tomorrow... should I call my OB and let her know about this?

**forgot to mention I was nauseous the entire time during the pain**