Earliest you felt pregnancy symptoms?

Sara • Ryan Atlas 3/14/2020 💙🚜

I got off my birth control about 4 weeks ago so I’m still trying to get super in sync with my body off of it I guess. I went off an app to tell me when I was ovulating and such, we BD all the time bc we just do it a lot anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 lately I’ve been feeling soo bloated and my stomach feels like sore like I did a huge ab work out, my sense of smell has been insane, I have shooting pains through the sides of my boobs, I feel like the weirdest things put me out of breath, and I’ve been getting nauseous spells/dizzy spells but no throwing up.

AF is due in like soon not completely sure since I just got off a month ago how regular it will be or show. I should be about 11/12 dpo today. I’m trying to stay calm about this I’m just really excited.