Etsy issue

I ordered a welcome sign for my wedding in july of 2020 off of etsy. I placed the order a month ago and it still hasnt shipped out. I realize they take a while to make but i hadnt recieved any word from the shop owner saying she recieved my order and was working on it. I sent her a message asking if she received it and when itll be shipped out. I was really nice and said im not in a rush i am just curious as to when itll be ready to ship and she said "tomorrow." Perfect. I sent the message last thursday so the item was supposed to ship out friday. It is now the following tuesday and i have not received any shipment notifications or emails for the item. would you message her back and ask if it shipped or would you leave it for a little while longer? I dont want to bother her or seem impatient, july 2020 is a long time away still so i dont want to come off rude, but it wasnt cheap and something is feeling off. I am hoping im not being scammed. I paid for the item already and so i have some level of expectation for customer service/communication. Would you message her again?