Extremely Toxic Mother..

Tiara • Pro Black Mommy & Fiancée. K.A.S 🌸👶🏽

My “mom” slut shames me and tells me that I won’t be anything or won’t grow and be anything simply because I’m pregnant . I’m in my first trimester and it’s like she tries to stress me out to make me miscarry . This child is my entire world in a tiny little ball and I wouldn’t let anyone hurt my child even if it is her grandmother . She is the most toxic woman ever , I’m 19 and I’ve come a long way mentally and emotionally and it’s like she intentionally says hurtful things to me to make me relapse and go back to being the person I fought so hard NOT to be . I miscarried at 17 and every since then she has slut shamed me , constantly throws my mistakes in my face , tells me that my child’s father will leave and I’ll be alone (he’s extremely supportive ) I’m so sad and upset . The person that’s supposed to love you the most, makes you wish that they weren’t your parent to begin with .. I don’t know what to do or say. I’m literally going to go stay at a maternity house because I have to escape from her . She is terrible and this isn’t just a one time thing , this has been happening since I was 14 . I just need a break ..