Morning Pill & Late period

So my period is two days late and I’m kinda panicking right now.

Me and my boyfriend had sex on 4/02/19 and he came inside me. The following day i got a morning pill. (Mind you, this is my first time ever taking this.) we gave it a break just so everything could kick in and we had sex AGAIN on 4/12/19 and he came inside me. Again. I got another pill on 4/13/19. We stopped having sex since i asked to wait until AFTER my period. 🙂 I’ll be less paranoid then.

It’s now 4/30/19 and my period is 2 days late (should of gotten in on the 28th.) i have major cramps on my left side and i have no pregnancy signs (nausea, sore breasts, a lot of bathroom trips etc.)

one of the side effects of the pill is a delayed period (up to one week.)

Should i just wait the week until 5/5/19 and see if it comes then or should I take a test ASAP?

Thank you xoxo ❤️

P.S if it helps, I’m 20, and this is the first time I’ve had a guy cum inside me.