I just need to vent since i have no where else to vent to 😩

Anyways let me start off by saying I’ve busted my ass since the beginning of the year to get my shit together. I went from literally having nothing such as a diploma, job, license , and just living unhappy to getting all of those things plus going to college to become a nurse I’m proud as hell with how far I’ve become. My parents I guess are proud I’m 22 I should’ve had it done a long time ago but people work at different paces and I had to hit rock bottom to realize that. Anyways I ask my parents for help to and from because you need money to have a car and that is literally the only thing I need right now. But my dad ignores me and my mom complains about taking me or picking me up and I haven’t even started my job yet which I will be starting tomorrow ( if I have rides ) it’s just depressing I guess because I depend on certain people in my life and I don’t wanna do that but they wanted me so bad to get my life together and offered help yet here I am and I’m not getting any type of help. I’m stressing about it honestly I’ve literally looked everywhere to find a car and even seen about loans but terrified to do so because I don’t want my credit messed up. Either way I’m just venting to vent thanks for reading.