I feel pretty shitty. My symptoms came on rather suddenly today. After i ate lunch, my stomach started to hurt but i have disgestive problems all the time so i figured i needed to poop. I try to poop and nothing, and i get random waves of nausea. My stomach pain is pretty bad at this point, even making my back hurt but i figure it could be a stomach bug. I come home and i go straight to bed, and i wake up and take a few sips of a 7UP and my stomach basically tells me to fuck off. My head is hurting now, im freezing but im hot at the same time. I try to take a shower to feel better and it just feels the same. Its not really in any specific area, kind of just my mid abdomen, like above my belly button. But it feels like its everywhere honestly. Its not like doubling over pain all the time but itll come in waves and i feel like im dying, and itll subside. It honestly feels like im super gassy but im burping a lot. My stomach is hard as a rock, and i look 6 months pregnant. I pooped yesterday twice, and it was solid and not like diarrhea. I dont know what this is, ive had food poisoning before but this is different, im not throwing up or pooping. I really dont want to go to the ER for them to tell me im constipated or super gassy or something.