Should I go to this baby shower ?


So I am 32 weeks pregnant now with my first and I am not a couple with the father of my baby but we are still talking and keeping a mature relationship in order to co parent and be there for our baby. My parents wanted to throw me a baby shower on May 18 so I told him about it to see if he wanted to invite friends and stuff. The plan was to invite his side of the family my side his friends and my friends. He then texted me the next day offering to have the baby shower at his house since he has more space. We agreed and I didn’t know that he didn’t ask his parents. He then told his mom and she said no. She said “ I will throw my own baby shower here you friends can throw one for you somewhere else and she can have her baby shower at her house.” This pissed me off. I understand he didn’t ask her first before offering so I’m not mad about that because he should have asked her first. I’m upset because she wants everything separated. Me and my ex want to have everything together even if we are not a couple. I don’t understand why she made this decision. But here’s a little bit of a backstory with her. I was on Birth control when I found out I was pregnant I was already about 3-4 months and I told my ex and he kicked me out of his car and told me to get an abortion and wanted nothing to do with me or the baby. He didn’t want me to tell his parents but I believed they had the right to know and My ex ended up coming around and accepted he was going to become a father. His mom was shocked but decided she wanted to have a meeting with my parents and us and she basically blamed me for getting pregnant and that it wasn’t her sons fault. After that she started texting me to check up on the baby and trying to take me out and buying baby clothes and saying she loves me like a daughter. I forgave her for the rude comments in the meeting she wanted and moved on but I feel like this baby shower isn’t for the baby it’s for her to show off. My parents and I decided not to have a baby shower because I just stressed out over it and I’ve been super emotional and would rather spend that money on things for my baby. But I feel like if I don’t go to her baby shower I’ll look bad and I will cause a big problem and I want to avoid problems and stress. To top it off she want to throw it 2 weeks before my due date. Lastly, she hasn’t told me about the baby shower she had my ex tell me.

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