Braxton Hicks and bowel movements?

Maybe TMI. I have been experiencing b/h since 20 weeks. I am now almost 30 weeks. I get them daily, every day. Recently, like the past few days or so when I get one I feel the urge to poop. Sometimes I will go and try but nothing happens. Other times, like today, right after one I have the strongest urge to go and I do. Its not diarrhea, but it is soft stool.

Just now had one, went to the bathroom and while using the bathroom had another b/h. This is my 3rd bowel movement today! Guessing its probably pretty normal since everything is sorta tightening up and probably pushing stuff out? πŸ˜… Just wanted to get you ladies thoughts and experience with this.

Do your b/h make you have to go #2? πŸ€”