Anyone else not have that classic peaceful newborn?


I see posts on here about people going out, saying things like baby can sleep in the carseat while at a restaurant or baby is happy to be passed around and held while eating.

My 2 month old is NOT about that life. She gets really tired shortly after the hour and she will get really mad if someone doesn't hold and pat her butt, and this is still sometimes with a small (loud) fight. And she'll fall asleep in the stroller, but once the motion stops it's basically a countdown until she wakes up. She also gets bored just being held while sitting down.

Part of this is our fault because she's a bit colicky we think and when you have a 3 week old having a crying fit for hours, you don't concern yourself with sleep associations.

Anyone else in the same boat? Do you still brave places that are less than conducive to crying babies? I'd love to hear all your tips!