Banishing my crazy husband!!!!

That’s it! My husband is banished to the couch until he figures out how to control his crazy behavior at night. He has always been a sleep-talker/walker, but this is out of control. In the past he has gotten out of bed or sat up during his sleep while talking, but he has been fucking forcefully grabbing me!

Whenever I sit up to feed the baby, or if the baby makes an extra loud noise, this psycho grabs me in his sleep and I hate it. I don’t know how to get him to stop and it feels terrible when he does it. I have to physically push him off. He thinks I’m the baby or I’m holding the baby and thats something’s wrong, so that’s why he’s doing it. But this MF is definitely asleep when he does it. He has no control and looks all glassy-eyed when I turn a light on or until I can tell he is fully lucid.

He didn’t remember he did it at all last night and in swear it’s happened twice tonight already.

How do I get this craziness to stop? It’s making me angry at him! I feel violated.