I prayed for this child there’s no way I could loose it. RIGHT? 😔😢


Please ladies help out my kind a t ease. I was in an accident last night and went straight to the emergency room. I wasn’t expecting to hear what they told me. Doctor said I had a small chorionic hemorrhage near the area of the baby. This basically means there’s bleeding in that area. He told me there was no cure and that is was really common in pregnancy and it was just something my doctor needed to watch but he also said it could go away but it could also grow and that if it grow it could be the cause of complications or a miscarriage. Ladies has anyone heard of this or experienced this. Is there a natural cure to make it better.

Update: I go for an ultrasound on Wednesday. I can’t stop from worrying that something maybe wrong with my little baby. It seems I cramp a little more and the spotting is a little heavier day by day. Please continue to pray for me ladies