I met this great guy on a dating app. We both have a child... We came off to a great start. We exchanged numbers and we text from time to time (never gave away too much). We recently had a date Tuesday and we met. We had to reschedule that date to this Friday, which he planned the date and time (8:30). he explained to me it’s his birthday weekend and he was running errands. I agreed. Around 8pm I sent a message saying I was on my way. I never received a text even after dropping my daughter off to her babysitter (my sister). I sat and waited for an hour at my sister house and never received a message or call from him. I knew then I was stood up. This has never happened to me before. I am a very understanding, caring, positive and nice woman so it was kind of upsetting I was stood up after I spent hours of getting ready. Have this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do? I’m thinking of just leaving it be and not associating with that person because I did not like the idea of not being in contact with me. I do not like having my time wasted, then not even given a reasonable explanation before or after the flaking. Just want some opinions and/or advice — all are welcome.