Random bout of depression

Hey so I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a random bout of depression and sense of overwhelmness I’m their pregnancy?

So I’ve been over the moon with excitement to have my baby in July, I love to feel her kick and imagine what she will look like. Today for some reason I woke up feeling down, I’m not too sure why, then I came downstairs to where my 7 year old was watching tv and the living room was a disaster so snapped at him which I never do and I feel horrible for it as he ran to his room and shut the door. Then I immediately couldn’t stop crying and feeling like a horrible person. Now I’m just feeling sad which sucks because it’s the weekend and that should be a fun time. These feelings just came out of nowhere. It may be the fact that I’m overwhelmed with a messy house, a husband who got laid off and is home all the time who doesn’t cook or help clean, and the fact that I’ve been told by my doctor that I am not to do any work below the waist. So no bending over really because my son was a preemie and we don’t want a repeat with this baby. My hubby knows that, he was in the room when she said it yet he still doesn’t think to help clean. It’s exhausting been pregnant let alone being the only one in the house who cooks and cleans and works a 9-5 full time job in a hospital. I’m feeling like all this work is going to put me into a depression and really just want to enjoy my last trimester. Any tips on overcoming this stress would be greatly appreciated.