Social media aggravation


All of our lives, if you allow it, is connected to social media.

I get it. I’m not completely opposed to it.

But why do others feel the need to announce life events that are not theirs?

Yes they are happy for you, but why wouldn’t they wait until you announce first.

My soon to be sister in law announced our engagement before we did on Facebook.

It wasn’t completely private. He proposed at the baby shower. Huge audience of people. All taking pictures and videos.

She doesn’t see the problem. As soon as she announced, all the pictures and videos were being posted. Kind of giving the go ahead to others.

We are upset about it. There’s nothing we can do about it now. But I don’t put it past her to do this when the baby arrives.

That announcement I don’t think I could forgive. I never even announced the pregnancy on Facebook until I was 7.5 months.

Just aggravated.