Unhappy ?!?


Hello this is my first.. my bf already has 2 boys.. 16 and 13(yes he started young)! His 16 year old wasn’t excited or happy after hearing we are gonna have a baby! He currently lives with his mother, but is ( was ) going to come live with us. When he found out, his comment was ( uh.. seriously... are you crazy?, Then he went on saying I don’t want to live in a house with a screaming baby, my summers are ruined now I have to babysit on summer vacation. I flipped around and snapped that he need not worry because living with us he will be in school and at his part time job so he wouldn’t be home much.. and if he didn’t like it that he could stay living with his mother who he does not get along with. Was I wrong? My bf backed me up on this.. the sons response was he would rather live with his overly rich grandparents who coddle him like he is a toddler! But that won’t happen.. I don’t think he could handle a full day in a high school in my city.. coming from a small town 2 hours away by his moms.. and his mom won’t let him legally go stay with her parents.. anyone else have issues like this? They don’t want to live in a house with a screaming baby... that they are not happy at ALL!?!?