He called me a fat bitch

So my so drank tonight and he barley ever drinks, but when he does which is like 4 times a year he becomes a douche. Well we’re eating pizza and I’m 16 weeks pregnant, this man has the audacity to call me a fat bitch out of no where. Fuck him, he is very respectful when sober but I honestly just can’t believe he said that. Alcohol or not fuck him for daring to say that to me, the mother of his child. What a disgusting pig. We have a great relationship which is why I’m confused that he said this but anywho, fuck him, he’s a dick face and I want to punch him in his throat but I’ll refrain. 🤷🏻‍♀️😡 he has the balls to say it was a joke like no dude fuck you, I’m extremely shocked. What a douchebag sorry excuse for a man.

Edit: literally weren’t even fighting or having a convo and he goes “excuse you you fat bitch” I said “who?” He goes “you” I literally called him a pig and sent him to bed.. he’s going to wake up tomorrow and be wondering why I have nothing to say to him. Too bad for him 🤷🏻‍♀️

Update: so I had a serious talk with him this morning.. he said he didn’t mean it and barley remembers doing it.

I told him if he can’t respect me he needs to get out of my house and go find someone who is ok with no respect. I told him i am his partner as well as the mother of his child, given it was a first time thing but I made it clear it will not be tolerated even if he was “just joking”. He apologized over and over again and I forgave him but I’ve made it clear to him that will not fly.. I told him to think about if he had a daughter (were having a Boy) how would he feel if a man treated his daughter like that or how would he feel if someone treated his mother like that. I told him to think on that while I go out and do some baby shopping for the day. I have too much respect for myself to let that slide and I’ve made it clear i will not tolerate that crap and that he better watch his mouth and be more respectful as I show him nothing but respect.