How to deal w my work situation... need advice

So this may be long but I just have to vent to someone about it. The farther along I get the more I dislike going to work, I usually work 9am-7pm 5 days a week, so lot of the time I am exhausted. So we had a new worker join us maybe two months ago.. I’m convinced that this woman is bipolar... going through menopause or SOMETHING.. every time you approach her you just never know which version of her you’ll be getting. & I hate confrontation but even with my raging pregnancy hormones I’m still able to keep myself together while I’m at work & dealing with customers. So yesterday she really made me upset, it’s always busy during the first of the month and she’s still new so she asks lots of questions, which she knows I don’t mind helping her out.. so yesterday we had old customers come in who were going to start up a new account with us, we both greeted them and she starting getting their info together... literally all I did was stood beside her just in case she had questions about adding a new customer who’s a returning customer bc the process is different. She instantly gets mad and she was like here you can just work with them and slammed her notebook down & she said I’m sorry i just hate when someone is standing over my shoulder... yes she said this to the customer In a sarcastic tone with me standing right there beside her, it took a lot for me not to say anything, I get that she’s moody and probably has things going on but there’s other ways to handle situations. So basically I dread work enough as it is & going in dealing w her just makes it so much worse. So really I don’t know how to handle the situation, idk if I should talk to her about it and just let her know she needs to work on not blowing up over every little thing or if I should take this to my manager. This isn’t the only time she’s blown up, she literally thrown money before bc she got frustrated counting it .... what should I do?