One side is puffier

7.5 months postpartum. The left photo is puffier. When I lay down and bring my knees up I can feel the left side feels like there’s something in there, can Diastasis Recti be worse on one side?? It got worse with exercise and ached, it’s almost where the ovaries would be. At first I chalked it up to regular afterbirth issue but it’s still there,

Only time it’s noticed is when doing pelvic floor workouts, which I haven’t done in over a month. And a hen I lay on the left side, it feels different somehow.

Organs not in their right place? I’m going to be making an appt for this week. But wanted to see if there’s any similar experiences. No symptoms. Sometimes it’s a dull ache for a moment. Like a sore muscle kinda. So not sure if it’s just that or something more to be concerned about