Friends with benefits gone wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️

So I’ve known this boy or should I say man now since the 9th grade and we were always cool he’s always showed affection towards me and told me how much he liked me ect but I had a boyfriend so out of respect for my relationship I distance from this friend he took it ok i guess and we remained associate (only ever speaking in classes with each) so around junior year he got a job we’re I worked and I actually trained him still keeping my distance we became friends again his desire was to go off to the navy and I supported him 100 percent he once again started expressing feelings for me and I didn’t want to ruin or friendship and told him being in a relationship was a bad idea soooooo. Fast forward...... a couple mouths ago he came home from the navy to visit he invited me over and one thing led to another and we had amazing sex like amazing sex but it was short lived because I had to work that night and left almost immediately after he left the next day and we planned on meeting up again one day he dms me on Instagram and is like I have a girlfriend and blocks me and I haven’t spoken to or reached out to him since I’m trynna figure out if I was used or was he tired of waiting on me 😩