My husband started a new business. I’m really proud of him. The amount of energy and dedication to his business he is showing is amazing. He is constantly trying to decide how he can do better. And it’s having a lot of success. In just the last month, his business has doubled. I’ve been (at least what I consider) to be super supportive. Up with him all night, buying him gifts and trinkets to help (new office chairs, better headphones, new keyboard- he works from home). I was supportive with the amount of money he invested. I am all for him following his dream!

The problem is that now, several months in, im experiencing some resentment. I feel like his business is all he focuses on anymore. We go out on dates and he checks his phone every twenty minutes. We don’t go to bed at the same times anymore. I’m always up with the baby and taking care of him. He’s always sleeping in. I’ve never got a day off or to go do something for myself in the year since he’s been born. When we go somewhere or have a second to talk over dinner he always wants to talk about business even if I try and direct it to us or our baby. And I know this is selfish too, but I’m just sad because this is the second time he’s started a business. The first one didn’t work, and I’m so thankful this one is. But I could have achieved my dream (finishing my masters) with the money he spent the first two months alone. I wish I had a chance to accomplish my “dream” (aside from being a mommy) but when I bring it up he points out we don’t have money... but that’s because it’s all going towards him and his dreams. *edit to add- We initially had to postpone my schooling because he was in the marine corps and we got stationed overseas. I had to wait until we returned to start school up again. But while there, he had this business idea. And so we put the money there with the hope that by the time we came back I could start again. And that was two years ago. :/ **

I know there is a lot here. And I know I need to speak with him. I just don’t want to seem like a bad wife or selfish. I’m so proud of him, I’m just burning out.