D&C, slow HGC levels


Found out on 3/8/19 my baby had no heartbeat. On 3/9/19 ER doc inserted Cytotec vaginally, by 11 a.m. I was stuck on toilet passing huge clots. Saw my OB on the 12th of March he said I passed everything per US & vaginal exam. Follow up on the 26th of same month confirm I passed everything. On 4/1/19 I decided to randomly take opk test just to begin tracking my cycle. It was immediately positive, but I finally stop bleeding on 3/25/19. So that was correct. Contacted the Dr. he gave order for bloodwork. My levels was 571 @ almost 4 wks after MC. Never had a baseline until this test. 1 wk. later 281, next wk, 227, next week 250. He ordered US as hospital they confirmed retained tissue & did bloodwork level decreased to 180 from 227. He ordered an emergency d&c. How long is the healing time? Do your HGC levels decrease faster after procedure? Help, going crazy & just want this over.