This little boy is totally having me on 😣😣😣

Keeley β€’

Woke up with some pain in lower back, a pain that made me so uncomftble i couldnt consantrate at all its carryed on all day its also been at the front and my hips, i really thought this was the start but i get home put my 11month old to bed and my 2 other kids get a nice bath ready incase i need to go in and BOOM everythings gone😣😣πŸ˜₯ im 39weeks and 4day and with every pain i had i felt wet down below but when iv gone to toilet and wiped they was just mucus plug and loadss of white diacharge, iv totally had enough iv gone aslong as i can with out been induced early due to spd but 3 more days and if he isnt here there taking me in to get me started, i also have a strech and sweep tomorrow so lets see if that kick starts anything..