Advice about braces and retainers..?

I know that this isn’t the app to look for teeth advice, but I’m so lost. I’m 14 and had my braces removed a year ago. Lately I haven’t been wearing my retainer enough, and my last check up was on February and my teeth were well. Ever since I’ve sort of been lazy with my retainer because I got a canker sore and it hurt to wear it because it was constantly rubbing on it. Now, in May, my teeth shifted a bunch and idk what to do. I feel terrible for not being strict enough for not wearing it and my parents put a lot of money into the braces. The top teeth didn’t shift a bad amount, it’s just the front two teeth went a little forward. As of for my bottom teeth, the front totally changed. The two front went back, and the two beside them went forward. It’s so bad that even w/ the retainer, I feel nothing because it hardly fits.

What would the orthodontist say..? Is it too late?