What is happening???


All of a sudden baby HATES her pacifier. Just the last 3 or so days every time i try and give it to her (when she gets frustrated while nursing cause shes full and milk is still coming out) she flat out starts screaming. Like someone is trying to kill her screaming. Also even just when i try to give it to her when i normally would before cause she looks like she wants to suck on something, she spits it out and acts like it tastes gross. Im at a loss for what to do! These past few hours have been absolutely terrible because she wants to nurse but is full so i try the pacifier and she becomes hysterical. Im thinking she is teething because shes 4 months and drooling all over the place and chewing on everything and just generally crabby. But how can i get her to take the pacifier instead of trying to use me as one? I feel so bad for her!