I don’t know why I even said this


Was out with some friends for dinner and I I had a few drinks. We were discussing a friend S who bails a lot. Basically everyone wanted to know if I had heard from her because they’ve stopped contacting her but she contacts me once in awhile. I start telling a story about how me K and S went to a concert together. Me and S ubered home and during the Uber home S starts talking about K.

I totally forgot my train of thought and I don’t know why but I blurted our that S said how she knows K doesn’t like her. K basically was like “wait you didn’t tell me she said that(she didn’t say it but it’s pretty obvious that K isn’t S’s biggest fan). So I apologized and was like “I’m sorry, I totally forgot what S said. She didn’t actually say that”

I drove her there and everything seemed ok in the car and it hasn’t been brought up since. We were discussing game of thrones on the way back and she sent me a photo afterwards that was related to that.

I feel absolutely terrible about the whole situation and sick to my stomach. I don’t know why I said that. Should I apologize or just let it be?