Finally baby time

Chelsea • 21 year old first time mom, baby girl due in May ❤️💕

Woke up May 7th really early in the morning which is strange for me. So I laid in bed read a book just relaxed. All the sudden I got up to pee and there’s a puddle on my sheets in bed. So I think eh probably just discharge. Went to the washroom and I was soaked. I mean literally soaked. So changed my underwear and went downstairs to eat breakfast, well then I started having these terrible period cramps and I couldn’t quite figure out why they were so bad. So I did what I always do ate breakfast, walked around and drank some water. Well it didn’t get better they got worse, I’m talking could barely stand bad. So I called my boyfriend home from work and we made the trek to the hospital. Got in labour and delivery and found out my membranes had partially ruptured and my contractions were 6 minutes apart so after they did all their bloodwork they had me do laps of the ward to get things moving. Well I’m 45 minutes I dilated from 1cm to 4cm, so they had me back up walking around. Well that time it didn’t work so they hooked me up to the iv called the anesthesiologist and got my epidural in. My doctor then visited me around 7pm and broke the rest of my water. So here I am laying in a hospital bed hoping this little peanut makes her arrival in the middle of the night ❤️👶🏼💕