My son knows.


I poke my belly three times while saying I love you, and my son usually kicks three times after each time as if to tell me that he loves me.

Well, today has been a rough one for mom and dad. As we have been arguing all day, over dumb stuff, like it normally is over. Well he’s at work and I had just gotten off the phone with him and it still hasn’t gotten better, so I was upset and crying. I got into bed, and could feel my son moving around. I started crying a bit harder, and then I feel these three little kicks. I stopped crying and was just watching my belly. He kicked three more times, and started moving around.

There is no way I could be sad after that happened. If I don’t have anyone, I’ll always have my son. My love for him is already so endless. I just can’t wait until he’s in my arms, and I can actually hug him.

I guess he understands that it makes me so overjoyed to feel his movement and kicks. He knows when I’m upset and he knows exactly what to do to make me smile.