Super awkward and terrible. Rant sorta


So today o got a call back from my dr. I had a pap done. Me and my fiancé have been today a year and a half now. Well today I found out o have chlamydia.

I have not slept with anyone else. And my fiancé has not either, I honestly bet this. Our life is to busy he is always home on time plus I fall sleep after him always. But he automatically went to you slept with someone cause we took a small 3 day break in January. (Did not sleep with anyone, cannot stress enough to him) but we talked and I explained what the dr told me.

So long story shot before we met like RIGHT before we were both tested (I got out of a relationship where he cheated). But with this sti you take 4 pills at once to be rid of it. I took those pills as the dr requested after I was tested “just in case”.

Today my family dr told me that doctors usually now don’t just do 4 pills at once cause studies showed most times they don’t get rid of it and at peoples 6 month follow up they still have it. So the dr told me that I could have never gotten rid of it and could of had it this whole DAMN TIME. Now I’m taking 2 pills a day for 7 days starting Saturday when my fiancé goes to get his.

We’ve been trying to get pregnant and this could’ve been a HUGE influence as to why we haven’t. We had a huge fall out today he is obviously upset but shit me too man 😩

Just need words of encouragement or something nice said to me 😭