I Am NOT my hair

I went to a pool full of chlorine shortly after getting a relaxer. Luckily, no damage done just reversion which made it look nappy. I washed and flat ironed it once I got up and it was dry or when I got home I can't quite remember. For the next few weeks I put a leave in conditioner on my hair to keep it moisturized and shampooed weekly due to flakes/dandruff. My hair started to look bad about 1 week and a 1/2 before I called my beautician. I called her and washed my hair the same morning it was supposed to be done. She said she couldn't do it so I left. She said she could do it the next week. I showed up the next week and this woman catches an attitude with me, telling me I don't take care of my hair. I tried to explain that yes indeed I did take care of my hair. She got smart and said if you don't care I don't either. Well between her fake side conversation about going natural and throwing shade at me I got up to leave and take my ass elsewhere. Yes my hair looks rough but that's because it's growing not due to lack of care but the opposite. Keep in mind I put in 60hrs a week at work so to say I wash my hair weekly and condition it daily says I at least try. It also gets tied up before bed. The nerve of some people. Then she gone ask me if I have two jobs when I answered no she said well you work too much. Unless you holding 100k for me to pay my debts with, hush. You don't know anything about my job talking about you'll end up hating your co-workers..like really I don't have any I work these shifts solo. I'm gonna delete her number and never summon her for her service again. I was already stressed and didn't need her two cents to add to it.