Anyone else’s fur baby spend the first day of their period cuddling them?

Daisy • Ectopic pregnant with left tube removed in Oct 2017 👼 no luck conceiving since 🥺

I feel like my fur baby can sense how upset I get when I get my period. My cycles are currently 6+weeks which means pinpointing ovulation can be quite difficult and that I feel like I have to wait ages to find out if I’ve had success that cycle. I’m in the process of moving doctors as mine is really patronising (he disregarded when I said I felt something was wrong in my last pregnancy which ended up being ectopic in Oct 2017) so I can’t get to the doctors yet. I felt really positive this cycle, and pulled out all the stops (conceive plus, vitamins, ovulation tests 2x a day, baby danced atleast every 36 hours at most) since April marked two years since we decided we wanted to start a family.. But today AF showed up. So today I’m spending the day on the sofa feeling really down and eating tonnes of chocolate, having a cuddle with my Harry 💕