2 year old, Normal?


Hey ladies,

I'm at such a loss and I'm not sure if I'm just failing at this parenting thing or if this is normal? My son is 21 months old. (Almost 2) and he is having tantrums and screaming ALL DAY LONG. So the tantrums last maybe 1-2 minutes but they are one after another. Or the screams really loud onstead of using his words like when he is in his high chair.

I have tried many things. I try to offee a word instead od the screams. I try and say "Say please." "Say, uh huh" "Say, Done" this doesn't work.

I read that ignoring his tantrums work. So when he needs changed and he is throwing himself around I just ignore it and offer comfort and say things like "I know it is frustrating." I let him have choice, I let him try to put on his own clothing. NOTHING HELPS.

I am a stay at home mom so we have a pretty good routine. So he always knows what to expect. When he eats, brushes his teeth. But all day long he is just throwing himself on the floor, screaming and crying over the next thing.

Like I said, we have tried time out, I try and redirect, I even tried time out for 2 minutes. NOTHING HELPS! I look around and no one elses 2 year old is this ornery all day long! They have a moment or 2, but my son is screaming around the house all day long!

What am I doing wrong! I keep taking him out to burn off the energy, sensory bins, cool activities! Traveling to the most exciting parks. I mean, I'm basically mom of the year. Lol. But he still hates everything. Helllpppp. Normal??? Or am I not moming right?