L or R only 😩

Amanda • 35 | Vivian Lee 9/11/2017 & Henry Lee 4/24/2019 👧🏼💗💙👶🏻

I never had this issue with my daughter as she always nursed on both sides each session.

My 2 week old son however is being super tired and will be done nursing after 10-15min on one side and falls asleep. I can smack him in the face with the other boob and nothing 😂 zero interest. (Every mans dream right??)

My question is do I just let it go and nurse on that side next time, or should I pump? I’m exhausted and chose to sleep this morning instead of pumping. However then it’s HOURS since nursing on that side. I don’t want to affect my supply. Is it ok as long as he nursed on the one side?

For example he did both sides at 245am, but only the L side at 615am. So then I laid down cause I only slept 2hrs at that point. And then at 9am my right side was about to explode. So I tried only 10min so he could do the L side. But now he has no interest in left 😩😩😩 I don’t want to pump after every single session but should I be???

I know he’s getting enough. He was born 8lbs15oz and at 2 weeks he’s gained 19oz in ONE week since his last weigh check 😳 and he’s almost 1lb over birth weight even though he lost almost 10%. So I know he’s eating well, but my poor boobs though. What should I do?? Daughter was not like this at all 🤷🏻‍♀️