Early pregnancy?

I’ve been feeling a little off, my period symptoms have included almost dull/ghost cramps that only last a few minutes off and on, headaches more than usual, I’ve had only one food item that has made me paused while eating it, and I’ve been hungry, but would feel full easily.

I noticed that I was 10 days late on my period, which never happens, at most its usually 3. We had sex 4/20, and my last period was from 3/26-3/31.

I took a digital test that read pregnant, and of course were super excited, but I feel like it’s so early still!!!

When should I make an appointment? Has this happened to anyone else and what was your results?!

I’ve read a lot of things, one included that I’m not even technically pregnant yet, so I’m just worried because my husband is SO excited, he’s been wanting this for a long time and I don’t want to break his heart, but we’ve put it off for me to finish college first, which is hilarious because I graduate in a few days!