Maternal Fetal Ultrasound

Korey • First time 🤰🏼baby girl 🎀 C-Section 11/14/19 💍 5/11/18

Hi ladies! So I just scheduled my ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine. I have to get this vs the normal anatomy ultrasound. They scheduled it for 18 weeks. (June 19) I have to get this due to my stepdaughter being born with a hole in her heart. I’m curious what the difference will be with this ultrasound. I know it’s “more in depth” and know they are just checking for any congenital problems. Any ladies had this? Are the ultrasounds way more advanced than the normal? At 18 weeks will they be able to determine gender? I was surprised they scheduled it that early and am hoping they will still be able to tell me the gender. I’m mostly just curious about what the difference is from the normal. Thanks in advance!