Diarrhea Before Period.?

-Is It Normal To Get Severe Upsetting Stomach Cramps With Increased Diarrhea.? A Day Before A Period Is Supposed To Come

Can it Be A Period Symptom Or A Pregnancy Symptom.? Me & My Fiancé Been TTC For A While🥺

I Usually Have Sore Boobs Before A Period But My Boobs Feel Full But No Pain.. Which Is Odd.. I Got My Period April 15 Ended On 20th. Me & My Fiancé Had Intercourse April 19th, 22nd & 29th

April 29th I Started Spotting After Sex It Was Light Pink With A Little Red (Light Bleeding Lasted An Hour & Stopped)

Can Pregnancy Cramps Be Severe.? Or It Just Sounds Like A Period .. I Have Headaches , Severe Upsetting Stomach That Happens Sudden W/ Diarrhea , Frequent Urination, Cravings , Fatigue & Mood Swings ..

Thank Youu🥺💕