Baby shower and Mother’s Day


I had my baby shower yesterday and I was really bummed out because only about 4 of my friends showed up and we don’t have a lot of family that live by us, so it was very small.

When I got home my hubby had made me dinner and gotten me the sweetest Mother’s Day presents. 💕

Strawberries have been one of my top cravings, so he got me a box of GIANT Godiva chocolate strawberries

And these perfect blush Nike shoes since my feet have been too swollen to fit in any of my tennis shoes 😍

He even FaceTimed my sister to help pick them out, since I had mentioned I wanted pink Nike’s and he didn’t know what kind.

AND the cutest outfit for our little baby Canyon.

I am so blessed to have him and love him so much! Happy Mother’s Day all you mommas!

Couple baby shower pics: